Elisabeth Alvarez Santos

I feel that I am getting physically stronger and more agile somehow. I have also noticed that classes release my tension, and if they contract again, I am aware of which area it is in. I am developing a greater body awareness. I really enjoy the Pilates classes, I go with enthusiasm and I feel better when I leave, so that’s great! In fact, I recommend Pilates to my friends.

Pillar Wise Esquíroz

Trevor is a magnificent professional with consolidated experience who gives his students exquisite attention, which he completes with his kindness and friendliness. Since I started working with him, I have improved my posture when I walk, my back no longer hurts and I am solving every new muscle or bone “ailment”. In short, my physical condition and mood have improved and I leave each session grateful for their advice and monitoring. Definitely, I recommend all those who want to improve some aspect related to movement, posture or bone and muscular recovery, to attend his classes as they are truly therapeutic. In addition, having a specialist like him means to improve health and well-being, a real luxury!


Since attending Pilates classes, I have noticed that I have gained awareness of my body, muscles and movements that I had not before, and I also think that muscles are stronger now. I think I have never missed a Pilates class, I love them. I really feel connected to my body, mind and emotions when I leave. That’s why I would recommend Pilates to those who want to look and feel better. In addition to her academic knowledge of Pilates, Valentina has a very balanced mix of delicacy and discipline, which makes the class very complete; explaining the reason for each exercise, making dynamic classes and showing my weaknesses and strengths, she motivates me to continue improving. Thank you very much.


My experience at Àliga Pilates started just three months ago, but I think I can already say that it has been a real gift. I was lucky enough to meet the Àliga Pilates team at a time when my health was urgently asking me to increase my physical activity. But with the help of Trevor and Valentina, I have learned the importance of HOW this physical activity is done. The benefits of Pilates become evident very soon in everyone who practices it, but to have the privilege of doing it in individual sessions with the professional and personal help of people so prepared, who always welcome you with a smile, who care about how you are and that they know how to work on those aspects of your body that need more reinforcement and in the right measure is a real luxury. The sessions fly by and I leave renewed physically and mentally. My physical condition has improved a lot, the usual ailments have disappeared and I feel stronger and more agile. I sincerely recommend everyone to put themselves in the hands of the magnificent team at Àliga Pilates!

Mercedes Diz

The Pilates classes with Trevor are one of the best investments I have made in a long time. His anatomical and technical knowledge, together with his experience as professional dancer and his natural talent for teaching, make the classes effective and entertaining! I would definitely recommend Trevor.

Lucas Echeveste

I have been attending Pilates classes with Trevor for a year now. I visited him due to some ailments I had in lumbar and leg. These pains are already successfully eradicated, and thanks to Trevor I have gained awareness regarding my body and my posture that is benefiting me in other aspects of my life. Trevor has demonstrated patience and care, adapting the exercises to my particular case with a personal and very respectful treatment. I recommend him 100%.


The most real and evident change that I have noticed since I started practicing Pilates is that, sometimes, my neck muscles used to be very tight and contracted and I had to urgently visit a physio. Since I practice Pilates, my visits to the physio disappeared. This is the most evident and objective improvement. I also notice that my body is more elastic and flexible. I would definitely recommend my friends to attend Pilates classes, I have not achieved these results in any other type of sport with reduced effort and dedication. And, obviously, I would recommend my Pilates instructor, Valentina, for her closeness, warmth and kindness.

Carla Cervera

Since I started taking pilates classes I feel changes, I feel stronger after the class. I like the way Valentina teaches, because she is really empathetic and focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each person, without pushing the body to the limit. She has helped me to become aware of my movements, both in class and on my daily life, as I didn’t before. I am very grateful to you Valentina!!!

Pepote Comella

Classes are excellent and they are always different. Trevor is always attentive and concentrated on your evolution and professionally guides you in your movements. All muscle groups are exercised, which is great. I can feel my body is getting stronger and that makes me feel good about myself. In fact, I feel more handsome when I leave and I feel that I walk like a dancer.

Vicky Anderson

I love Trevor’s classes! Before we started working together, I had had the same Pilates teacher for several years, and I wasn’t sure about making a change but there was no reason to worry. After the first couple of sessions, Trevor was fully aware of all my strengths and weaknesses, and suggested exercises to help me improve. He gives me a lot of advice on how to adopt the correct position in an exercise if I have a problem, and help me to visualize what I’m trying to do before I start, which I find really useful. Another thing I like is that we don’t have an established routine: each class is different and we often try something new or a different way of doing the same exercise. He even came up with a special routine without apparatus to do when I was on vacation (I did my best!). He is patient, kind and affectionate, with a sense of humor. Basically, he is everything I want in a Pilates teacher!


While I cannot attend every week due to my work schedule, I have noticed better mobility and elasticity, as well as less discomfort in the lower back, which is my weak point, since I started my Pilates classes. Despite starting classes with few expectations, I like them because they are very dynamic and effective. I definitely recommend attending Pilates classes and I also recommend Valentina because she has good energy and is empathic, methodical and knowledgeable.